Aug 18

Mobile Gym Activities Tracker Application

iGym Tracker is mobile Gym work out track application. iGym Tracker application helps you to keep time for yourself while working out at the gym or home. Not only you can track work outs but you can also calculate your calories burnt. If you are or determine to be a regular gym user, iGym Tracker mobile Gym work out track application will be a handy tool for you to keep an eye on your work out progress.

iGym Tracker is easy to use and simple mobile application to manage your work out training and log your progress in and out of the Gym, anywhere anytime. The application allows you to track and record your todays work out using different exercises with, total sets in numbers; Total calories burnt, and total workout duration while keeping record of your weight, so you can track anytime your weight before and after the exercises. Besides you can also create your work out goals, as well as you can view and edit anytime your work out plans and exercises. You can also print your work out schedules.

Key features;

FREE Registration, application download & installation

NO HIDDEN cost & complex installation process

NO hassles to download JAR files

Easy-to-use for non-professional mobile users

Compatible with all Java/WAP supported mobile phones, Symbians, PDAs,
Pocket PCs, and Smartphones

Track and record of your daily work out with date, type of exercise,
duration, calories burn, weight, total sets, and duration

Create work out exercises goal with date, type of exercise, duration,
calories burn, weight, total sets, and duration

You can also search, view and edit the work outs.

You can print your work outs

Calculate calories burn

To install and download the application direct your mobile phone to or visit
iMobile is free mobile applications portal offers free mobile applications for all Java/WAP

Aug 16

Selling Private Label Supplements In Your Gym

Business owners are always looking for ways to make their company more profitable, popular and competitive. One way of achieving these goals for gym owners is to sell their own private label vitamins and supplements. Customized supplements can bring in more customers, increase revenue and popularity as well. The owners meet with a specialized company that has FDA guidelines and approval to create a high quality product for the business to sell. The gym owner gets to take part in the marketing and making of their private label. They get to feel a sense of accomplishment while bringing in more business for their company.

Getting in Touch with a Company

The first thing a gym owner would need to do in order to create customized supplements for their business would be to get in touch with the companies that create and make private labels. They have all the information about marketing, paperwork, costs and time. The business owner has control over prices, logos, product ingredients, production and marketing and can make as many changes as they feel necessary. There are many companies who work in this business and it is not hard to get started. Many companies add private labels to their business to attract new customers and keep the old ones still coming in.

What a Private Label Can Do For a Business

A gym is all about health and fitness. Customized supplements for gyms are great additions to a gym because many of the people working out take these health products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This type of product can be placed at the front of the gym so that customers coming in and out get a view of all the products the gym has to offer. This can help boost a gym’s yearly revenue and

Aug 15

Buying Gym Equipment For Your Workout Space

Many people are now fighting off a sedentary lifestyle for several reasons. First, they want to shape up to look fit and improve their self-image. Second, they want to fight fatigue, laziness, and lack of energy to put the vitality back in their life. Third, they wanted to get away from stress and depression to keep themselves in good mental state.

These are some common reasons provided by people who want to bring balance back in their life and improve their quality of living. As a solution to the dilemma presented, the first thing that many will advise you with is to get an exercise. However, this is easier said than done since proper workouts require choosing the right fitness equipment.

Planning ahead will surely help you find what you need, know where to find one, and determine how much it will cost you. Aside from these, here are some great tips to take note while shopping:

1. Take a short tour around your house and plan where you want to make your home gym. Consider the size of the area and think about the things that you plan on buying. If you got a limited space, you should consider selecting multi-tasking workout equipment.

2. Consider the changing weather. You would not want to go running outdoors if downpours frequent your area. In this case, you will need an exercise machine that will help you perform your regular workout regardless of the weather. Consider buying treadmills, elliptical machines, or stationary cycles so you can do your cardio exercises any time of the year whether it is warm, cold, or rainy outside.

3. Look for several gym equipment options. Online shops are often some of the best venues to find items that you need. Aside from convenience, you will get to

Aug 15

You Can Wear Bodysuits For Women, Gym Workout Clothes And Ladies Gym Clothes Casually Too!

Since exercise clothes are now a part of everyday casual life, its important for brands to create clothes that are both cute and comfortable to wear to the gym.

These advances in fashion have been noticed by brands that create exercise clothing. Bodysuits for women, gym workout clothes and ladies gym clothes are no longer worn just for exercising. You can wear them for running errands, dates and even as loungewear or casual clothes.

Occasions Where You Can Wear Bodysuits for Women

Bodysuits are usually reserved for dancing or gymnastics. It allows the womans legs to be free while she does her workout.

Bodysuits can also double as blouses or tops. They can even be substituted as a cami under a sweater or a nice, crisp business shirt.

Bodysuits for women can also be paired with denim skirts, a pair of dress slacks, or even a long skirt. You can even wear them to the club or a fancy occasion.

Pick Your Gym Workout Clothes According to the Occasion

Gym workout clothes are particularly comfortable to wear when running errands. Women often go grocery shopping, out for coffee and get their nails done in yoga gear.
For general working out, like jogging or walking, baggy sweatpants are usually the norm. However, leggings, jumpsuits and even a skirt might be better.

Leggings are especially good for exercises that involve a lot of movement. This includes gymnastics, belly dancing and Pilates.

If you are going cycling you may want to consider getting a pair of Capri leggings. Theyre a bit shorter than ankle length and may provide more opportunity for your skin to breathe.
These same leggings can be washed and worn with your favourite sweater, skirt or tunic for a night out on the town or a date. You

Aug 14

Exact Routine for Brad Pitt Workout

The Brad Pitt workout changed from the movie Fight Club to Troy.

In both movies Pitt was lean but in Troy he added another 15 pounds of muscle to his body.

In this article I will give you some detailed information on the two training and fitness programs.

In the movie Troy, Brad Pitt played the role of Achilles — a mythical warrior from Greek history. Achilles according to Greek mythology was the handsomest of all the heroes assembled against Troy. According to the legend Achilles was supposed to be invulnerable, except for his heel.

Well perhaps legend is right Brad Pitt was the most handsome gentleman on the screen in the movie Troy. But perhaps his weakness is not in his heel but in other things. Certainly making money is not one of them… he was paid $17.5 million to be in this movie.

The Brad Pitt workout started 7 months before filming for the movie Troy began. Brett admitted to giving up cigarette smoking during this intensive training. According to his personal trainer, Brad Pitt used compound movements for the majority of his weight training program. He also did stretching and yoga to prevent any muscle injury.

The interesting thing about the Brad Pitt physique in both of his movies — Fight Club and Troy — is that his physique is not what some people would call… bodybuilder big.

Rather what he portrays on the screen is a muscular — yet ripped to the bone Brad Pitt body. Judging the response by women in the audience, this is what they are most attracted to. So if you are trying to get Arnold Schwarzenegger big — you probably won’t score any points with the ladies.

The brad pitt workout for Fight Club was totally different than his workout for Troy. In Fight Club, Brad Pitt weighed between

Aug 10

How to Achieve the Perfect Crossfit Workout

Crossfit classes are becoming so popular lately and it’s not hard to figure out why! Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program. The program describes itself to deliver fitness that is “broad, general and inclusive.” It is designed to apply to almost any type of individual, as long as they have the dedication to go on with the program. It was based on the needs of many professional athletes, martial artists, military agents and police academies worldwide.

To do Crossfit properly, one must enroll at a Crossfit gym . Since this type of exercise incorporates principles from multiple athletic fields and then some, you will find various equipment like barbells, kettle bells, pull-up bars, and gymnastic rings scattered around the room. You might even find PVC pipes. Don’t laugh! They can help with form.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Crossfit Workout.

1. Be committed. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it must be said that Crossfit is unlike any exercise you’ve tried before. If you are going to be lazy about going to the box to work out, you won’t see the results you want.

2. Be informed. Do your research on Crossfit–there is a wealth of information online that can help you decide if it is right for you. You can even join intro classes to help you get a feel of it as well as the kind of community Crossfit fosters.

3. Do your WODs. They are they for a reason! Do your workout of the day the best you can at a level you are pushing yourself to do it. Halfhearted work won’t get you anywhere.

4. Watch out for form. It can get easy to want to do the

Aug 09

Bodyweight Workout System – Home Gym Workout Routine

All of us want to have a body we can brag about. This is the reason why we use to attend or enroll ourselves to gym sessions and yoga classes. They teach us on how to do each workout routine properly to achieve what our goals are. Sad to say, not all of us are able to avail their services. But you have nothing to worry about. You can perform a home gym workout routine which you can perform even in the comfort of your own home.

Click Here For Bodyweight Workout System Instant Access Now!

The first thing you need to do is to find a room with enough space for your weight-training exercises. Look for a room with a controlled temperature; you definitely want to be comfortable while doing your workout.

Use professional safety equipment that you can incorporate in doing your workout. And one of the mistakes while doing a home gym exercise routines are the cutting corners and also the use of poor gym equipment.

Be careful when it comes to your equipment. Know how to use it correctly. After using it, return the weights to a safe place, cover your bench, bench press bars and weights to make last and preserve its attractiveness. Look for a way on how will you store each equipment when you are not using them.

One of the keys for your home training workout routine to be a success is to incorporate a weight training exercise. This will assist you to avoid on focusing at one particular muscle group. When you are at home, you don”t have any trainer to help you set-up a workout plan so be careful when doing each exercise. Much better to do your research or ask a medical doctor to ensure that you will not experience side effects before and

Aug 08

Chalean Extreme Makes Me Lean Workout

Why are workout routines so popular these days? Anywhere you look you will see that people are busier than ever, stuck in traffic, working over time to pay for the gas to get to work or just busy with their lives, families and friends. Time is important but there never seems to be enough of it when our lives become so busy. Where is the time to even get a workout in during the day? Time is important to everyone but we only have 24 hours in the day. Workout dvds are becoming more and more popular everyday because they allow people to free up time. Instead of driving to a near by gym, they can pop in a dvd and get their workout done. Workout dvds are becoming the future in working out at home. By following a world renowned fitness trainer like Chalene Johnson, where can you go wrong?

The newest workout coming from Chalene Johnson is called Chalean Extreme and it is promising some huge results.

1. Build more lean sexy muscles with a new cutting edge circuit training system. The 18 workouts sessions brings the muscles from flabby to fit and lean within the 90 day schedule. The circuit training system gets your muscles to a point that they will continue to burn fat even after the workout, even in your sleep.

2. Three phases to Chalean Extreme. The first 30 days is called the Burn Phase, which will push the muscles to failure in just 10 to 12 reps and will target correct form and effectiveness of working out.

3. The second phase of Chalean Extreme will be another 30 days long called the Push Phase. Pushing the muscles beyond their normal comfort zones and will focus on toning one body part at a time

Aug 07

Have Your Workouts Become Stagnant Get Them Moving Again With High Intensity Training

Have you been following the same workout routine for a long time only to find that you are no longer seeing results? Do you feel like your workouts have stagnated and that you are no longer making progress?

It is time for a change!

Your muscles have become used to your routine and they need a change, as I am sure you do, too! High Intensity Training is a wonderful way to get your muscles moving in a new and different way!

Just what is High Intensity Training?

According to Wikipedia, High Intensity Training (HTI) is a form of strength training that was popularized by Arthur Jones, who founded Nautilus. His focus was on performing quality weightlifting repetitions to the point of momentary muscle failure. What in the world does that mean? It means that you perform fewer repetitions at a slower rate, while lifting heavier weights.

High Intensity Training is an intense form of strength training. It stimulates your body to increase your muscle strength and size. There is more emphasis on rest and recovery because these workouts are so intense. You will definitely not want to perform HTI often. This should be done once every three weeks or so to reap maximum benefits.

When performing these exercises you will want to do a single set for each body part. Make sure to work you whole body each time.

A key concept in HTI is how you perform your exercises. Performing these with strict focus on your form needs to be a priority. In addition, you need to pay attention to the cadence of your workout. One exercise, alone, can take 30 seconds. Lift your weights slowly, pause and hold for 5-10 seconds as you contract your muscle and slowly lower your weights

Aug 07

Safety Tips For Gym Newcomers

If you decide to join a gym, you are taking a step in the right direction to improve your health and fitness levels. Going to the gym has a variety of benefits that are hard to achieve from traditional exercise methods because of the specialized machines that work particular muscles and target specific issues like endurance and weight management. However, as you pursue a greater level of personal health, you should keep your personal safety in mind. Gym accidents and injuries occur frequently, and can range from overuse injuries to injuries due to the negligent behaviors of other gym users. Each time you hit the gym, keep your personal safety in mind and watch out for hazards posed by your fellow exercisers.

Don’t overdo it. Especially with the excitement of your future fitness in mind, you may want to keep running for one more mile or add just a few more pounds of resistance to your weight-lifting machine. However, if you are unused to strenuous workouts, it is easy to over-exert yourself and exercise a little too hard. This can lead to injuries and overall disappointment when you can’t continue your new workout regimen and commitment to personal health. Remember to take it slow at first and work your way up to longer distances, more repetitions, and more weights. Consider seeking professional medical advice before beginning any exercise routine.

Don’t amplify your injury. If you get injured in a gym-related accident, don’t make the injury worse by continuing to exercise with the injury. Take a break and allow yourself time to heal. If necessary, consult a doctor for proper healing measures. If you continue to work out with an injury, you may hurt yourself worse and cause a long-term problem.

Watch out for stray equipment. Stray gym equipment can easily

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